Bacon Bread Cheese – Carr Valley

Bacon-flavored Bread Cheese is heaven on a plate for people who love warm, melty cheese and bacon! Bread Cheese is a delicious type of cheese that is best served heated. It’s unique because as it’s made, it’s baked in a specialized oven that caramelizes the sugars, creating a toasty crust on top of the cheese. The crust gives it the appearance of bread, which is how it got its name.

Bread Cheese doesn’t melt when it’s heated but becomes soft and buttery. It’s texture becomes similar to fried cheese curds. Imagine a hot cheese curd with bacon crumbles in it, and you’ve imagined what Bacon-flavored Bread Cheese tastes like. It is delicious! Cut it into strips or cubes, heat it up and enjoy!

Eat it plain or serve it with your favorite dipping sauce, such as Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing.

Sold in a 6oz package.