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A Wisconsin Family Tradition

Established in 1961, Renard’s Cheese is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated cheesemaking business in Door County, Wisconsin. Almost completely surrounded by the fresh waters of Lake Michigan and the Bay of Green Bay, the Door County peninsula is unlike any other place in the world. Rich nutrients in the soil create lush pastures for local dairy cows to graze on. This allows the cows to produce high-quality milk, a key ingredient in the award-winning cheeses that we are known for.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by the beauty of Door County and are mindful of its well-being during the cheesemaking process. Our sustainable practices include:
~ The cream that separates out is transported to a local dairy to produce butter.
~ The whey is sent to a whey processing plant. Some of the end products from the whey are protein snacks, protein drinks, and high-grade animal feed, among others.
~ The water that is generated during the cheesemaking process is delivered back into the environment, enriching the soil for local farmland in a safe and effective way.

The Renard family is committed to handcrafting quality, gourmet cheese in America’s Dairyland. Our selection includes Cheddars, Colby, Farmers, Muenster, Brick, Marble, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella String, Smoked String and over 50 flavor-infused specialty cheeses.

Four generations of family & Three generations of cheesemakers

Renard’s Cheese has been a staple of Door County for four generations and is now enjoyed by cheese lovers around the world. Stores across the United States and as far away as Dubai (in the UAE) sell our products, and our global growth continues. While many things have changed over the years, the Renard’s family heritage and iconic recipes remain the same.

Chris and Ann Renard are the owners of both Renard’s Cheese Store and Rosewood Dairy, where our cheeses are handcrafted. Their daughter Samantha is also actively involved in primary business operations. Chris earned his Master Cheesemaker designation in 2014. This prestigious title takes more than 10 years to be earned; he is the third generation of his family to become a Cheesemaker. Chris continues to honor the family recipes that his father and grandfather perfected, while extending their legacy through the creation of new, award-winning flavor profiles.

Fundraising and Donations

Cheesemakers - Renard's Cheese and Pizza Fundraisers

Pizza, Cheese, and Fudge Fundraisers

At Renard’s Cheese, we understand how important fundraising is for schools and organizations who rely on the support of their neighbors. Renard’s Cheese wants to make it easier for you! Our team helps you get started with pizza, cheese, and fudge order forms and sell sheets, and your group earns 50% of all sales.

Contact us at 920-825-7272 or email us for more information.
*Please note that fundraisers are only available from January 1st – October 31st*


As a highly visible member of many area communities, Renard’s Cheese is proud to be a good corporate citizen. While we recognize that there are many worthwhile causes, we have developed eligibility criteria to help us best serve those in need.

  • Open to non-profit (501-3C) charitable organizations only- not open to individuals
  • 501-3C must be in the general Door, Brown or Kewaunee County areas

If you meet the above criteria, we invite you to fill out our Donation Request Form.
If you do not meet the above criteria, please consider using our Fundraiser option instead.

How to Apply for a Donation

  • Review our Donation Policy before filling out the form.
  • Our committee only meets once a month, so apply early! Please note that your application will be competing against dozens of others for a limited pool of funding. Many factors affect which applications are awarded.
  • Email your application to us, or send it to:
    Renard’s Cheese Donations Committee
    2189 County Road DK
    Sturgeon Bay WI 54235
  • Your application will be rejected without review or notification if:
    * it is submitted without a completed Donation Request Form
    * all questions are not answered
    * an old application form is submitted (must print from this page)
    * it is sent to any other email address besides that of the committee
  • Your organization’s 501-3c information must be submitted with your application.
  • If our monthly budget is exceeded and your event deadline is not until the following month or beyond, we may defer your application until a later meeting.
  • Do not call, email, or stop in the store for status updates. Doing so may negatively impact your application.
  • All applicants will be notified of approval or denial before their event deadline.
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