15 – Cheesemakers Delight Gift Box

By special request, we have created the Gift Box for the Cheese Lover Extraordinaire!

1 pound Cloverleaf Reserve
A delectably tantalizing blend of Renard’s award-winning White Cheddar and Alpine-style Gruyere. Aged to perfection, inviting a sharp savory flavor that follows with delicate caramel nutty notes.

1 pound Tuscan Rosemary Herb Cheddar
Renard’s traditional Aged White Cheddar Cheese and a savory combination of Italian herbs creates a bold sharp earthy flavor.

1 pound Balsamic Caramelized Onion Cheddar
A delectable blend of balsamic and caramelized onion flavors merge with Renard’s traditional White Cheddar to deliver sweet notes at the beginning and finish off with a sharp complex flavor.

All 3 of these cheeses are beautifully presented in a Renard’s Artisan Cheese gift box.